The Directors of ALTAIR Capital own or have owned majority and minority positions in private companies in Canada and South America.

The team at ALTAIR Capital brings substantial experience to the financial and business context of challenging commercial situations, illiquidity conditions, and companies requiring turnaround expertise.  

Our solutions may include provision of due diligence competence, business model investigation, financial and cost management analytics, identifying leadership and management effectiveness, and sourcing private debt and equity capital.

Ultimately, the business owner and the CEO must understand that their responsibility to shareholders is to build value and the price they will receive when the Company is sold. That presumes an understanding of the value today, what increases value in the open market, and what should happen in the next five years; but it begins now.
— ALTAIR Capital

Private Debt and Equity Network

The principals of our firm have developed strong network associations of high net worth clients in Canada, the United States and South America seeking high-quality debt and mezzanine financial securities stable growing companies. 

We are pleased to represent our Clients as prospective investors to Company’s demonstrating integrity in business who are seeking debt and equity capital placements to grow their business.