ALTAIR Capital professionals have collectively advised to over 50 divestiture transactions providing comprehensive experience to the multiple segments of the business divestment process.

The sale of a private or public company ranks as one of the most important decisions made in the lives of Shareholders and CEO's. The prospect of such an event can be both exhilarating and anxiety-driven.  There are no second chances. Transactions that are not executed may quickly become a bitter experience. As your advocates managing the sale of your Company, ALTAIR Capital intends to provide you with the best possible outcome and maximum price.


Ultimately, the business owner and the CEO must understand that their responsibility to shareholders is to build value and the price they will receive when the Company is sold or merged. That presumes an understanding of the value today, what increases value in the open market, and how to control business factors proactively long before owners consider an exit.
— ALTAIR Capital

Anticipation and risk management is central to our work processes in the transaction advisory environment. The one component upon which negotiations, transactions structures, income tax implications, post-divestment management continuity arrangements, legal agreements and several other variables move is value. While price is what you pay or receive, the value of a transaction to a vendor is the sum of the cash, rights and risks you assume when it's all done.

Our "starting point" is a thorough understanding of the business parameters of the Company, the industry it participates in, and the value it carries. Having firmly established the sale dynamic and context, our team will identify a relevant divestiture program to the closing sale of your Company. 

How will my confidential business information be protected? Does the buyer have the financial capability to acquire? Where are the markets for my business? Who will pay the highest price? What factors will cause an informed purchaser of my business to identify a discount on the sale price at exit? These and many other questions will eventually require detailed understanding if a client’s objectives are to be achieved.  Adaptability, strategic leadership and systematic processes become essential.

We understand your vision for the future. The ALTAIR Capital team brings a wealth of know-how and professional experience to the client seller of companies ensuring confident maximum results.