ALTAIR Capital provides professionally qualified CFO to Exit financial stewardship at substantial cost savings with a view to building shareholder value, planning for sale and tax planning.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
— Leonardo Da Vinci

Your plan is to improve operating margins at the gross margin and pre-tax margin levels.  Perhaps there are some capital investment initiatives that could be undertaken with a view to increasing utilization and providing a significant tax shield for the next three years.  You have also considered the acquisition of a competitor knowing that you can leverage the customer base, increase revenues by more than 40% in the next two years and increase pre-tax operating margins by more than six points.

The team at ALTAIR Capital is well acquainted with creating value in companies whether by value enhancing acquisitions, increasing the quality of cash flows, reducing the risk orientation characterizing the company, improving the cost of capital, or growing the value of intangible assets to name a few.  

Our strategic consulting practice is purposed to provide thought leadership and provide clients with an informed perspective on alternative solutions and opportunities.