The Managing Directors of Altair Capital own or have owned majority and minority positions in private companies in Canada and South America.

Purchases of private companies based on sound business valuation and experienced corporate finance professionals is the platform for building corporate growth and future shareholder value.  A well-executed acquisition of a business or interest in a Company enables the basis for a high quality investment and financial returns that can be delightfully exceptional.  Our objective at ALTAIR Capital is to provide our clients with clarity, simplicity and optimal results on the path to the purchase of a superior investment. 


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
— Leonardo Da Vinci

What is the future for the target company?  Is the size of the markets it serves increasing in size?  What are the major risks to earnings?  What are the exit prospects for the target business when you determine you want to sell?  What is the quality of the cash flows the Company is demonstrating? How does the future of the Company look and why? Why is the Vendor selling now?  These are questions that require reasonable answers before our clients purchase a company.

ALTAIR Capital’s experienced professionals will provide you with the necessary competence to ensure your investment in the private company market is financially expedient and makes sense in the world of business risk.  Whether the business is a high-growth small cap company, has strategic value to your existing asset base, or generating strong consistent pre-tax margins on revenue, we will identify an appropriate acquisition solution.

At ALTAIR we believe simplicity and transparency must ultimately emerge over the several months a purchase may take place. Clarity evokes action. Complex calculations and analysis, risk management, tax issues, strategic planning and negotiation must be reduced to meaningful conclusions upon which our clients can take definitive action.