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The sale of a company ranks as one of the most important decisions made in the lives of Shareholders and CEO's. The prospect of such an event can be both exhilarating and stressful. There are no second chances. Transactions that are not executed well quickly become a bitter experience that can last for years after. As your advocates managing the sale of your Company, ALTAIR Capital intends to provide you with the best possible outcome and maximum price.

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The Chartered Business Valuators (CBV’s) at ALTAIR Capital bring a wide scope of technical expertise and comprehensive experience to business valuation and the appraisal of commercial assets and financial securities.   A business valuation is an objective assessment independently determined of the fair market value of the shares or net assets of a company.  Formal reporting on the fair values of small and large capitalization companies in many industry sectors has been provided to a variety of situations and for a host of purposes requiring expert knowledge in this area.

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Purchases of private and public companies based on sound business valuation and experienced corporate finance professionals is the platform for building corporate growth and future shareholder value.  A well-executed acquisition of a business or interest in a Company enables the basis for a high quality investment and financial returns that can be delightfully exceptional.  Our objective at ALTAIR Capital is to provide our clients with clarity, simplicity and optimal results on the path to the purchase of a superior investment.

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